The Ball Cemetery in Nebraska is rumored to be one of the most haunted areas in the city of Springfield. Many notable figures who did not have the best reputation in life have been buried in this graveyard in death. One of the individuals is known as “Rattlesnake Pete”. In addition, many individuals have witnessed an assortment of apparitions that seem to be in the form of a “mist”.

Investigators Randy and Darren went to Ball Cemetery outside Springfield, NE in July of 2011. While only one EVP was captured, it can be considered a Class A EVP.

Please click the link below to download and listen the the EVP.

Darren is asking if Pete is around and then footsteps are heard running away. Footsteps are heard at the 4 second mark.

Ball Cemetery EVP

The following two photos show the surrounding area outside of the gate, then as Darren was capturing the EVP, the orb appears.


The following photos show some general photos of the cemetery, one more orb, and the mist that is often seen by visitors.


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